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Twin Sisters Get Cum On Their Face – Shortly after I joined the corps dad and mom came to visit. They had some news. Mom was pregnant. Soon after she had my twin sisters Lucy and Mary. Being so much older and being on active duty I didn’t get to spend much time with my sisters as they grew.

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Time past and I was doing well in my career. Then about four years ago I got some news. I had just gotten my notice that I was going to be earning the rank of full Colonel, and was thinking about signing for my next term of service.

I was going to look at retiring with more than twenty years in the corps, dad did forty three. My commanding officer called me into his office. The second I saw the unit Chaplin I knew it was bad.

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My parents had been hit by a drunk driver and they didn’t make it, and they had named me as guardian for my sisters. My brain ran over all the what if’s.

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I had bought a small place in Maine not far from where I went to college from a buddy a couple years ago to help him out, I had almost a year of leave saved up, I had saved most of my pay.

I know I must have babbled for twenty minutes. My commander told me not to worry. He signed the paper work giving me all my leave right there, and told me I would be getting my promotion, and postponed my need to sign if I wanted to do another term.

Less than 24 hours later I was standing on the other side of the world with my sisters burying our parents. They didn’t want to stay in the house they had grown up in.

Too many ghosts I guess, shortly after I retired from the corps with a full twenty years as a full Colonel. Between my retirement pay, life insurance, and the settlement from our parents we didn’t have to worry about money.

The next couple years where to say the least a little crazy, closing down the parent’s house, moving the girls to Maine, opening the house there, getting them into school.

Then came all the drama and hi-jinx that come with two high school girls, the first boy-friends, the first broken hearts, breaking curfews, the night they tried to sneak back into the house after drinking, prom, and the whole nine yards. Twin Sisters Get Cum On Their Face.

I wanted to be there for them fully so I didn’t take a full time job. I got on as an adjunct professor at the university. I worked only during the days, and was always home when the girls where.

In my spare time I took a couple writing classes and wrote stuff in my spare time. Most of it just for me, and much of it was nc-17.

I did get a couple pieces about life in the corps published, but nothing major. I guess this is where this point of this story really starts. I should tell you a little about what we look like.

I am an average guy, under six foot, average solid build, and red hair. No orange hair. Not even the pretty kind you see in magazines. It was the color of orange juice and curly like a spring.

I guess that is why I kept my head shaved corps style. My sister on the other hand are beautiful, about five six, petite, small busted, and red hair like everyone wants, long, thick, slightly wavy and the color of fine wood.

Lucy and Mary had their 18th birthday party Friday night and the house was alive till almost 2. I crashed and was looking forward to sleeping in. I didn’t know what time it was and I was attacked.

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The girls jumped on my bed full of energy and life and wanting me to get up. Mary was straddling my waist and Lucy looking me in the eye.

I was glad I didn’t hit either of them. I guess I was far enough away from that part of my life. “Come on we are 18 we want to do something, get up” they said as one.

I had slept naked as I normally did and knew I had to get them out before I got out of bed. “Ok, ok. Just get off and I will meet you in the kitchen. ” I guess they could hear the distress in my voice.

“What’s wrong? ” Lucy asked. “I know” Mary said. “He has a boner. ” She ground herself against my raging morning wood. I stammered and couldn’t find words. I knew they knew about boys.
Porn Story Twin Sisters Get Cum On Their Face

  • I had made an effort to talk with them a lot, and taught them to defend themselves, even practicing fighting off someone while sitting in a car. “I just need. ” “Really” Lucy asked? “Really” Mary said.
  • I was lost I didn’t know what to say or do. I held perfectly still. “Just let me get dressed and we can do something. ” I hoping they would jump up and head out.
  • I had tried my command voice and knew I had missed totally. They looked at each other. Everyone knows how they say twins can read each other’s minds and stuff.
  • I was fairly sure Lucy and Mary could. They both looked and me. “We want to see it. ” They said with one voice. “What? ” I could hardly speak. Twin Sisters Get Cum On Their Face.

I couldn’t believe what they had just said. I knew I could easily push Mary off me and make my way to the bathroom. “We want to see it. ” They said together.

“Please. ” “No way” I found a way to say. “Come on” Lucy said. “We have never seen one” Mary said grinding a little more against me. “That’s what the internet and your boyfriends are for. ” My brain was totally failing me.

I knew how many steps to the bathroom, I knew how much they weighted together, I knew how to take on two aggressors at once, and I didn’t know how to get out of this.

“We haven’t seen one before” Mary said. “We never did that with a boy before” Lucy said. They looked at me with that face. I knew I had to figure it out.

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If they hadn’t seen a guy before then maybe they hadn’t let a guy see them. “Ok, but if I am getting naked, you’re getting naked. ” I hoped they would back down.

They looked at each other. I could see the thoughts going between them. a few heartbeats later they both reached down, grabbed the hems of their oversized night shirts and pulled them off.

I was stunned, two naked 18 year old girls sitting with me in my bed. They smiled and Mary slid down my legs a little and pulled the blanket with her.

I was laying there totally exposed to my two naked little sisters. “It’s beautiful” Mary broke the silence after a few seconds. I looked back and forth between them.

I had watched them grow into young women, and knew they were beautiful. I had never seen them naked. My brain was just about to turn off totally. I didn’t know what to do.

“Can I touch it” Lucy asked. I should have known they would call my bluff, they had just done it. “If you get to touch I get to touch. ” They made eye contact, and Lucy reached out a small hand and wrapped it around my firm cock.

“Is that cum” Mary asked? Rubbing a finger over my wet tip. “No that’s pre cum. Like when you get wet when you’re excited. ” I was never a ladies man, it had been almost five years.

Once I had taken my sisters in I didn’t even think about dating. “This is amazing” Lucy said stroking my shaft. “Am I doing this right”? I showed her how to focus on the head and not the shaft.

I knew I was going to a very special place in hell. They took turns stroking me. “Are you going to do it” Mary asked? “What it”? “You know, cum. ” Lucy said. Twin Sisters Get Cum On Their Face.

I didn’t have the time or brain power to respond before my cock started to jump and I shot a load into the air. Most of it landing all over Mary’s beautiful body.

I couldn’t believe what happened next. Lucy without hesitation leaned up and licked my cum right off Mary’s perfect little breast. “You taste so good. ” She looked right at me.

“I want more. ”

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