Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #3

Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #3 | Aletta led me down the rows of lighted make-up tables, through a door at the end of the room.

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The ‘locker room’ was unlike any I had ever seen. There was soft carpeting, and the lockers were more like small pantries with wooden doors and sliding drawers at the bottom.

Each one had a small metal frame on the door with a nametag slipped inside. We came to one without a name, and Aletta pulled it open. “This one’s empty” she said.

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“Make sure to put your name on it so you remember which one’s yours the first couple of nights”. “Thanks” I said, laying the tool kit in the bottom of the locker and resting my satchel on a wooden bench.

“The showers are over there” Aletta continued, gesturing over to the left. “The ones on the right are for cleanliness, the ones on the left are for show”. “What does that mean?”.

“The ones on the left have two-way mirrors. Sometimes a member will want a private performance of you in the shower”. The thought of someone watching me in the shower, looking as I lathered and caressed myself made me hot.

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“How often does that happen?” I asked. “More often than you think. You should probably get into your costume now. The new girls are usually towards the middle of the show. It gives you time to get comfortable, but not enough time to chicken out. When you’re dressed, come find me in the dressing room”.

“I will. Thanks Aletta”. “Call me Aletta”. I quickly undressed, and, for the first time in months, slipped into my school uniform. I’d always hated it, but now that it was a tool to earn some money, I loved it.

I took off my thong and replaced it with white cotton panties. I pulled up the white knee socks, which had once been the bane of my existence, and slipped into my loafers.

I stood in front of the mirror and smiled. This was going to be fun. I grabbed my make-up bag out of the satchel and headed off to find Aletta.

She lit up when she saw me. “Oh, Sarah! You look awesome!” she gushed. “Thanks!” I said. “You look pretty amazing yourself”. “Thanks hon” Aletta was wearing a tiara, and a long red fur cape over a white bikini.

On the dressing table in front of her was a golden scepter. “Is that part of the act too?”. “Sure is, doll. It vibrates and everything”. “You’re kidding?”. “Nope. My husband’s an assistant prop master at one of the studios. He can make just about anything”.

“You’re married?”. “Almost ten years”. “And your husband knows you do this?”. “Of course. He loves it. I make a ton of money off the books. We live on what he makes and we’re going to retire on what I make”.

“Can you really make that much doing this?”. “Honey, you have no idea”. I sat at the make-up table, and began brushing my hair. I parted it in the middle and quickly wove it into two braids.

I applied a light make-up, outlining my lips and applying a gloss to create a pouty look. “How do I look?” I asked Aletta. “Good enough to eat” she replied, slyly.

I giggled, trying to get into a schoolgirl frame of mind. “It’s time to go downstairs” Aletta said. “Where are your toys?”. “I’ll get them” I answered, shoving my make-up back in the bag and dashing back to my locker.

I pulled a backpack out of my satchel, and opened the tool kit. I grabbed the bottle of lube, a beginner’s butt plug, a slim vibrator, and the giant dildo with the suction cup bottom, and stuffed them into the backpack.

“Ready” I said breathlessly to Aletta, back in the dressing room. “Then let’s go!” Aletta grabbed her scepter, draped her cape around her regally, and started off on her impossibly high heels.

She led me back into the hallway, and through the other door. We descended a curving staircase, which led to the backstage area. I could see Naomi already on stage, on her knees, her hair in a bun high on her head, her hand down her panties.

There was a discarded kimono draped over a chair. She was undulating to the tune of “Sukiyaki” a tall, naked black woman strutted out on stage and knelt behind Naomi.

She took a bottle of cocoa butter lotion and poured some into her hand. She rubbed her hands together, and began to massage the lotion into Naomi’s back. Then her hands moved around to the front, cupping her breasts and pulling at her nipples.

I couldn’t see the audience, it was too dark, but I saw several small lights flick on around the room. “What’s with the lights?” I asked Aletta. “That’s how the members signal that they want to offer a gratuity. The servers go around with crystal bowls during each performance and collect the cash. That’s how they keep track of who earns what. Naomi and Cindy will share the gratuities for this show”.

I glanced back at the stage to find that Naomi was now on her back and Cindy had pulled off her panties and was licking her pussy. Her fingers slid in and out of the petite Japanese girl as the ebony beauty worked her clit with her tongue.

Lights flicked on all over the room. Naomi was writhing and moaning and pulling on her nipples. Cindy licked and sucked and pumped her fingers furiously, until Naomi finally came with a high-pitched squeal and a shudder.

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Cindy leaned over to kiss Naomi as the music faded out and the lights dimmed. There was murmuring and applause from the audience. Two men moved onto the stage to remove the props as Cindy helped Naomi up off the floor.

The men brought out a table and chair in the darkness as the girls exited the stage. a man came up and tapped Aletta on the shoulder. “You’re up next, Aletta”.

“Thanks Mario. She’s a novice this evening”. “Yup, she’s on right after you” Mario turned in my direction. “What do you need in the way of a set?”. “Just a table and chair”.

“That’s it?”. “Yup”. “Okay. I’ve got your Britney Spears on a continuous loop. Just keep going until you come and we’ll bring down the music. If you get nervous and can’t come, just fake it”.

“Okay, thanks”. Mario left me, and a moment later the lights began to come up and the strains of “Salve Aletta” began to play. Aletta strolled confidently out onto the stage and started her act.

The music segued into “Jerusalem”, and Aletta began to massage her pussy with her scepter. She pressed a small switch, and it began to vibrate. Aletta pressed her thighs together, holding the scepter in place, and reached up to unhook her bikini top.

She tossed it onto the table and began to knead her breasts. The tiara sparkled in the stage lights as she pulled and twisted her nipples. Lights began to flick on in the audience.
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  • She switched off the scepter and laid it on the table, slipping her fingers into the band of her bikini bottom. She slowly swayed her hips as she slipped the bottoms down to the floor, then crouched with her legs wide open to pick them up.
  • She tossed them along side her top, then grabbed her scepter again. She flicked it on and let the head nuzzle her neatly trimmed mound. Her cape was still draped around her shoulders as she squatted there and her tiara still glittered.
  • Aletta’s juices were starting to coat the head of the scepter, when, without warning, she shoved it inside of her. I was amazed. The ball at the head had to be at least two inches in diameter.
  • Aletta stood up, legs still spread. She slowly moved backward to the chair, where she sat with her pelvis tilted toward the audience. She grabbed the handle of the scepter and began to move it in and out.
  • Lights flicked on all over the room. Aletta thrust the scepter inside herself, deep and hard, over and over. She licked her middle finger, and began to massage her clit as she reamed herself with the toy.
  • A look of ecstasy crossed her face, and she began to buck upward off the chair. She pressed her knees together, and threw her head back. Amazingly, the tiara stayed in place as she came, shaking and moaning.

The music faded and the lights dimmed. The applause was enthusiastic. The stage crew helped Aletta to her feet and she delicately pulled the scepter out of her pussy.

One of the men handed her a towel, which she wrapped around her waist. She grabbed her bikini and slowly exited the stage. After a few minutes, I heard Britney Spears coming through the speakers, and it was finally my turn.

As the lights came on I steeled myself and strutted out on stage in time to the beat. I tossed my backpack onto the table, and danced seductively in my schoolgirl uniform.

I slowly unbuttoned my vest and slid it off, dropping it on the floor like a typical teenager. I tugged my blouse free of the waistband of my skirt, bouncing gently as I undid each button.

When the last one was free, I slowly opened my blouse, exposing my sweet white bra. I saw lights begin to flick on. I tossed my blouse on top of my vest, and let my hands rest on my breasts.

I played with my nipples through the thin fabric of the bra, until they were hard and poking through. I slipped my thumbs into the waistband of my skirt and drew it down across my dancing hips.

Short Novel Teen College Girls Playing With Dildos #3

I allowed it to drop to the floor and stepped out of it. I was in my bra and panties, my knee socks and loafers. I spread my legs and slid my hand down my panties and began to stroke my pussy.

More lights came on around the room. I was completely turned on at the idea of all these men watching me. I slid my fingers inside myself. I was totally wet.

I pulled my hand out of my panties and quickly unhooked my bra. My breasts bounced free in time to the music as I tossed it with my other clothes.

I stepped out of my panties, and danced, legs spread, clad only in knee socks and loafers. I went to the table and opened my backpack, pulling out the vibrator.

I switched it on and danced to the front of the stage. I spread my pussy lips and touched the glittering toy to my clit. The sensation was intense.

More and more lights flicked on. These men were turned on watching me play with myself. I spread my legs and plunged the vibe into my pussy, fucking myself while I never stopped dancing.

I moved back to the table and closed my legs, keeping the toy inside me. I pulled out the butt plug and coated it generously with the lube. I pulled out the vibe and switched it off, laying it on the table.

I danced over to the chair, which I turned sideways. I spread my ass cheeks and placed the plug at my tight little sphincter. I leaned backwards, using the chair to push the plug into my ass.

When it was finally in, I rocked back and forth, letting the chair help fuck me this way. I glanced out into the darkness and it seemed as if every table in the room had its light on.

I wanted to give them all their money’s worth. With the plug still in me, I returned to the table and brought out the monstrous black dildo. I heard a few gasps from the audience as I turned to show it to them.

I coated it liberally with lube, then took it to the center of the stage. I pressed it down, until the suction cup held it firmly to the floor.

I grabbed the vibe off the table and returned to the dildo. I spread my legs and knelt in front of it. I turned on the vibrator and began to work my clit.

When I couldn’t stand it any more, I moved forward and eased myself onto the huge dildo. I impaled myself repeatedly in time to the music. The feeling of this massive toy cock inside me, pressing on the butt plug, was incredible.

I kept working my clit with the vibrator as I fucked myself on the toy. Finally, I dropped the vibe and began pumping furiously up and down on the cock.

My braids were dangling in front of me as I supported myself on my arms, my tits bouncing furiously. I lost any awareness of the audience and I knew I was going to come.

From somewhere deep inside me came a rush of cum which coated the dildo. I collapsed in a heap, shaking and crying out. I became aware of thunderous applause, and hands on me.

I opened my eyes to find the stage crew helping me up. It was dark and Britney had stopped singing. As I made my way back stage, I heard Aletta’s voice.

“Here, sweetie. I’ll help you get your plug out”. I was close to delirious. “Aletta. How did I do?”. Aletta Mario. “I’m not worried about you at all, honey. You’re a natural”

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