Mommy Enjoyed Her Sons

Mommy Enjoyed Her Sons – Ellisa stood outside her son’s room, shocked at the words she’d heard him say. She knew she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help peeking through the gap between the door and the frame, her eyes widening at what she saw.

Aaron stood near his bed, totally naked, his hand stroking the biggest cock she had ever seen. His eyes were closed as he wanked the huge shaft, a thick line of pre-cum hanging from the bulbous end.

“Yeah, take it,” he said to himself. “Gonna cum over those big fucking tits,”

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Ellisa’s mind was in a whirl. Only twenty minutes or so before, Aaron had made the latest in a long line of passes at her, trying to turn a maternal peck on the cheek into a furious tongue lashing kiss while pawing at her boobs. She’d sent him up here, to his room, and once she’d caught her breath had phoned her older sister, Amy.

“. . . and this isn’t the first time he’s tried it, either,” she’d said to her after explaining what had happened.

“It’s to be expected, Ellisa,” Amy had said. “He’s a horny teenaged boy with a hot mom. Hell, I’m going to have to have the same conversation with Dylan any day soon,”

“Has Dylan made a pass at you?” Ellisa had asked, shocked that her shy nephew would do such a thing.

“Well no, not really,” Amy had said. “But I’ve seen how he looks at me and you. Face it, Ellisa, we’re two hot moms with horny young sons who are eager to fuck anything they can,”

Ellisa had to admit Amy was right. Both she and her sister had been blessed with good looks and fantastic figures. Ellisa knew how often she’d seen men and women staring at the huge tits she had that, despite being in her mid-thirties and the mother of a teenaged son, had lost none of their firmness. With her trim waist, her bust appeared to be even bigger and that, coupled with her round, pert ass, had led many men to assume she was just a sex-mad nympho. Including, it seemed, her own son and nephew. When both she and Amy were together they were often mistaken for twins as they looked so similar; not only facially but figure-wise as well.

“The best thing you can do, Ellisa, is confront him with the situation. Tell him how you feel,” Amy had said. “That’s what I plan to do with Dylan,”

After putting the phone down, Ellisa had wondered about Amy’s words. Her hesitation stemmed from the idea of telling Aaron how she felt – while Amy obviously had no idea, Ellisa was scared of the feelings her son brought out in her.

Now, watching him jerk off, his huge cock in his hand, she wondered whether she was doing the right thing. Summoning all her courage, she tapped on the door and walked in without giving Aaron chance to do anything.

“Aaron, we need to talk,” she said, trying desperately not to look at his cock.

“Fuck, mom, can’t I get any privacy?” he said. To her surprise, he didn’t pause in his masturbation, but merely sat on the bed, his big cock standing upright in his hand. “I was kinda busy,” he said with a grin.

“Aaron, please, stop that and cover yourself while I’m speaking to you,” she said. “You shouldn’t do that in front of your mother.”

“Why not? I was thinking of you anyway and having you there to look at is even better,” he said.

“That’s what we need to speak about,” Ellisa said. “You thinking of me like this. It’s not right.”

“Why don’t you sit here and tell me why it’s so wrong, mom?” Aaron sat, patting the bed beside him, his other hand still moving up and down his hard-on.

Before she knew what she was doing, Ellisa sat next to her son. To her shame, she could feel her vagina moistening; just being next to him and slyly watching him stroke his cock was turning her on!

“Aaron, you can’t think of me this way. It’s got to stop. And . . . And jacking off in front of me? What are you thinking?” Ellisa asked, looking at him.

“I can’t stop thinking about you like this, mom,” Aaron said with that same grin. “You’re hot as hell, you’ve got a fantastic ass and those tits are just . . . Fuck, mom, you’re the horniest looking woman I’ve ever seen!”

“But baby, it’s wrong,” Ellisa said, dropping her gaze and finding herself staring right at his cock. It twitched as she watched, a thick blob of pre-cum spilling out of the end and running down the shaft only to be spread out by his still moving hand.

“Show me your tits, mom,” Aaron said. “Maybe if I see them I’ll stop thinking about them,”

“Oh baby, don’t, you can’t ask your mother such things,” Ellisa said, still watching him jerk off.

“Come on, mom,” he said with a little more force. “I swear I’ll never ask you again,”

Unable to believe she was doing it, frantically trying to convince herself that he was right and this was the way to end it, she took hold of the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it up to her chin. She hadn’t worn a bra and could feel herself flushing with both shame and pride as Aaron gasped in awe at the site of her huge jugs, each one easily as big as her head.

“There, that should be enough,” she said after the briefest of moments, pulling her top back down.

“That wasn’t long enough, mom,” Aaron said. “Take your top off. Let me see you hold them,”

“No,” Ellisa said. “I shouldn’t have done it in the first place,”

Sex Story, Mommy Enjoyed Her Sons

“Take your top off,” Aaron said again. “I want to see them while I jerk off. It’s the only way I’ll get it out of my system.”

Unable to look at him, she grabbed her T-shirt once more and this time pulled it over her head, shaking her hair loose as she placed her top beside her.

“There, happy now?” she said.

“Fuck yeah!” Aaron said, licking his lips as he stared at his mom’s big tits, his hand speeding up on his cock. “Hold them together, mom,” he said. “Let me see you cupping those big fucking tits!”

Shuddering with shame and excitement, her nipples hard despite herself, Ellisa took her tits in her hands and pushed them together, her cleavage deep and inviting. She wasn’t too surprised when Aaron stood up in front of her, his huge cock pointing at her.

“This is so wrong, baby,” she said, glancing at the big knob that bounced in front of her as his hand worked up and down the shaft.

“There’s nothing wrong about this, mom,” Aaron said. “This is what I’ve been dreaming about for so long.”

He stepped forward just as a string of pre-cum slipped out of his cock and fell heavily between her tits. She could feel the thick, slimy fluid easing between her big, round tits and gasped, her vagina clenching between her legs, juices starting to flow quickly.

“You gotta let me do this, mom,” Aaron said, hunching slightly and moving forward, pushing his big cock between her now slippery tits. Ellisa bit her bottom lip to stop herself crying out in pleasure as she felt her son’s hot, hard cock slide into her cleavage and start moving back and forth. Her own son was tit-fucking her and she wasn’t stopping him! What was wrong with her?

“Fuck that feels so good,” Aaron gasped, gently sawing his cock in and out of her cleavage. “Let me sit down again,” he said, pulling his cock free and sitting beside his mother on the bed. “Come on, mom, this’ll be more comfortable,” he said, taking her arm and easing her off the bed.

She couldn’t believe what she was doing – letting her son guide her on to her knees and between his legs. Without protest, though, she knelt in front of him and freely held her tits apart to allow him to push his rigid cock between them, before she wrapped them round his cock once more.

“Oh yeah, that’s what I want, mom,” he said as without a word she began moving her huge tits up and down his cock. Ellisa’s mind was a whirl of contradictions: not only was she letting him tit-fuck her, she was helping him do it! Her rational mind was screaming at her to run out of the room, but her body was telling her to stay, her vagina awash with juices, her nipples harder than they ever had been.

She moaned, despite herself, when she felt his hand run through her thick blonde hair to the back of her head, easing her forwards and down.

“Suck my cock, mom,” he said softly. “You know you want to,”

And god help her he was right, she realised. With only the slightest whimper, she dipped her head and as the top half of his cock peeked out from between her big tits, she opened her mouth and flicked out her tongue.

It was Aaron’s turn to moan as he both saw and felt her tongue lash around the thick knob of his cock, eagerly lapping at the pre-cum that flowed from the end before she moved again ad engulfed his cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck yeah . . . Suck my cock, mom . . . Suck it good,” he cried, watching as she bobbed up and down on his length.

Ellisa could barely control herself. She was blowing her own son! She loved the feel of his cock between her tits and in her mouth! She loved the taste of his pre-cum and could barely wait to make him shoot off, giving her the cum she hadn’t realised she so desperately needed.

As if reading her mind, Aaron gasped out “Fuck mom, I’m gonna cum!”

Catching her off guard, he stood once more, moving her back a little, and jacked on his cock again. Ellisa knelt in front of him, cupping her tits and looking up at her son’s big cock.

“Open your mouth, mom,” Aaron gasped. “Fuck, it’s gonna be a big load!”

He grunted as his cock lurched and spat out a thick wad of spunk that landed on Ellisa’s face, laying from her hairline, over her eye and down her cheek before running along her jaw. Another followed, laying another huge line over her face before another came and another. His cock churned out cum time and again, some of it ending up in her open mouth, a lot coating her face before he hunched over and pointed his cock at her tits. Still he came, shooting rope after rope across her huge tits before standing back up and easing his cock back between her lips, sighing as his mother eagerly swallowed the last few spurts.

“Fuck,” he gasped, looking down at his mother. She knelt there, dazed and confused, covered in his jism. He’d long imagined giving his mother a facial and now it had happened. “Fuck,” he said again, slipping his cock from her mouth and sliding it over her face, smearing his thick cum over her skin. “Thanks, mom,” he said with a grin.

His words seemed to startle her into action and she blinked as if only just realising where she was and what had happened.

“How could you do that to me?” she asked, standing up quickly. “We are never to speak of this again!” she said and ran out of his room into her own, leaving her son pleased but confused.

Safe in her own room, Ellisa stood trying to rationalise what had happened. She’d meant to stop things but had only made things worse. She walked over to her dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror – topless and flushed, she couldn’t believe she was covered in her son’s cum!

“Never again,” she said quietly. “Never again.”

She watched herself in the mirror, though, as she wiped at the thick layer of jism that coated her face. Without thinking, she sucked on her fingers, cleaning them of his tasty spunk. She did the same again and again, scooping up his huge load and eating it down, all the while promising herself nothing like this would ever happen again.

Across town, Amy found herself wondering about her sister’s problem. She had been right when she’d said it was only natural that Aaron should want to fuck her – he was a young, horny teenager and she’d often seen how he had stared at both his mother and herself. Unlike Ellisa, though, Amy enjoyed the attention. She liked nothing more than having an eager teenage boy ready and willing to do what she wanted.

Which made her think of her own son, Dylan. The two boys had been born weeks apart and had grown up together more like brothers than cousins but they had turned out quite differently.

Aaron, Amy knew, was brash and confident and knew how to get what he wanted most of the time. Dylan, though, was more reserved and often shy. Despite his age and good looks, Amy knew her son had never had a really serious girlfriend even though he’d had lots of girls ask him out. In all likelihood, he was probably still a virgin. But, like his cousin Aaron, he was still a hot blooded, horny teenager.

She’d lost count of how many girlie magazines she’d found under his bed or the sites he’d visited on the net and the pictures he downloaded into a folder which he thought she’d never find. All of his favourite girls, whether on the net or in the magazines, had one thing in common: they all had really big tits. Some of them had implants, some of them were natural, some only did soft core layouts, others were about as hardcore as they could be. Whichever girl it was, though, it was their big tits that were the focus. As stacked as Amy was, it was no real surprise her son had grown up with something of a tit fetish.

And if Aaron was old enough to start pawing at his own mother, then she thought it was time Dylan did the same. Unlike her sister, Amy had no worries about fucking her own son; actually, she was intent on doing it.

That evening, after they had eaten together, Dylan went to his room. Amy gave him a little time before heading up to her room and getting changed; gone were her jeans and smart, casual blouse, replaced with skin tight jogging pants and a T-shirt that she had never worn out of the house. It had shrunk the first time she washed it and was really too small for her. The thin material clung to her big tits and the neck line had torn, leaving a V shaped gap at the front through which the tops of her tits and her cleavage were clearly visible. Smiling to herself, she walked to Dylan’s room and tapped on the door.

“Dylan, honey, can I come in?” she said, opening the door and looking in.

“Um . . . Sure, mom, gimme a sec,” Dylan said hurriedly. He was sat at his PC and was frantically clicking the mouse, obviously closing down some files or folders.

As she walked in, she noticed he’d changed into a pair of pajamas and a T-shirt and despite his best attempts there was no chance of hiding the enormous hard-on that tented out the front of his trousers.

“What are you up to, honey?” she asked innocently, stepping over to the desk and leaning down beside him on his right hand side to look at the screen.

“Nothing, mom, honest,” he said quickly. As he moved the mouse, still trying to close down some windows, Amy felt his arm brush against her tits that hung low in the T-shirt, the V neck stretching obscenely. Feeling the contact, he glanced quickly over and gasped as he saw his mom’s tits almost on display.

“No need to be ashamed of anything, honey,” Amy said, reaching out and taking hold of the mouse from his hand, her tits pressing into his arm. “Let’s see what’s in here,” she said, directing the cursor to a folder called CShots.

“Mom, wait, no,” Dylan said but Amy had already opened the folder, knowing full well what she would find. Dozens of thumbnails spread across the screen, each one showing girls smiling up at the camera, their big tits plastered with jism. Some had one or two small puddles but most of them were simply covered in the stuff, and not just their tits, either; most of the time their faces had been glazed as well.

“Mom, I’m really sorry,” Dylan said, his face flushed with embarrassment.

“Oh Dylan, honey, there’s nothing to worry about,” Amy said, double clicking on one picture and launching it full screen. A pretty brunette with big tits sat on her haunches, licking her lips, cum having run from her face down on to her jugs. Three guys stood around her, holding their now spent cocks. “Bet you’d like to do that to a girl, wouldn’t you?” she said with a laugh.

“Mom, don’t, please, I’m embarrassed enough already,”

Amy clicked over on to the next picture which showed a more mature woman kneeling next to a younger girl, both of them pushing their big tits together as a man stood beside them, shooting an impressive load over their jugs.

“Mmm, that’s a lot of cum for one guy,” Amy said. “Do you cum as much, honey?”

“Mom!” Dylan said, shocked at her question. She simply smiled and as she clicked back to the folder, she glanced down at Dylan’s hard-on which still stood proud in his pajamas.

“Let’s see what this movie is,” she said, double clicking on the icon.

“Oh shit,” Dylan said as he realised what file she was opening. Amy had already seen the clip and had chosen it deliberately. It was from a website called and specialised in guys fucking older women who pretended to be mothers.

The movie clip – just a 30second freebie from the site – opened and showed a big titted porn star on her knees, holding her jugs together as a guy jerked off in front of her.

“Cum for mommy,” the woman said directly into the camera. “Cum on mommy’s tits,” she said as the guy stroked his cock. She urged him on but just as he grunted that he was going to cum, the clip ended.

“That’s a shame,” Amy said. “I wanted to see that.”

She closed the file down and turned to her son, still bent over, her big jugs pressing against his arm, her nipples stiff.

“Have you ever done anything like that with a girl?” she asked him softly.

“No,” he whispered.

“I bet you’d like to, wouldn’t you?” she asked him. He nodded, his face beet red with shame. “Would you like to do that to me?”

Dylan looked at her in amazement as she moved away from the desk for a moment and spun him round in the swivel chair so that he faced her. She put her hands on the arms of the chair and leaned forward, her tits stretching the thin cloth of her T-shirt, the V revealing most of her big tits. She smiled as she saw him blatantly stare at her cleavage, his cock visibly twitching in his pajamas.

“If you want me, Dylan, all you have to say is yes. I’ll kneel down right now and suck that big cock of yours and let you shoot your load all over my tits, over my face, anywhere you like. All you have to say is yes, honey.”

Dylan gulped and managed to tear his eyes away from his mom’s tits and look at her.

“Yes,” he whispered, not really believing this was happening.

Amy smiled.

“That’s my boy,” she said, and slowly knelt in front of him between his legs. She grabbed the hem of her T-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, showing her son her huge tits for the first time, grinning as he gaped at them in awe. Just like her sister Ellisa, each one was as big as her head but had retained their firmness; she could easily have been one of the porn stars that Dylan looked at on his computer.

“I think you need to lose your pajamas, honey,” she said, fondling her own tits.

Dylan quickly sat up and pushed his pants down, kicking them free, his eyes never leaving his mom’s big jugs. For her part, Amy was transfixed by her son’s massive hard-on, easily the biggest she had ever seen. As he sat back down, she reached out and took hold of it, feeling the hot, hard flesh. It twitched in her hand and a thick line of pre-cum appeared at the end of the big knob, trickling down over her fingers as she slowly jacked him off.

“Oh honey, that’s a big fucking cock,” she said, making Dylan grin sheepishly. “Would you like mommy to suck on it?”

“Ye – Yes,” he stammered.

She leaned forward and licked his hard length slowly, all the while staring up at him. As she reached the head, she started planting kisses on it, her tongue flicking out and licking up the pre-cum that almost constantly dribbled from the shiny knob.

“Mmmm, mommy likes your cock cream, honey,” she said, slurping at the end of his cock before rubbing it all over her face. “Will you give me a big load if I suck your cock? Will you give mommy lots of hot, tasty cum?”

Dylan could only nod. Amy smiled before spreading her lips around her son’s thick, flared cock head, taking it into her mouth inch by inch, looking up at Dylan all the while.

He gasped as he watched his mom slowly slide her mouth down on his cock, her tongue bathing it in spit as she bobbed her head up and down. His first blow-job and it was from his own mother!

“Oh mom . . . Mom that’s so good!” he sighed.

Having seen the porn he liked on his PC, Amy knew what to do. Gripping his cock shaft in one hand to keep it upright, she began dipping her head faster, pushing his cock into her throat. She gagged and coughed a couple of times but kept doing it, forcing his cock as far back as she could, making herself gag repeatedly until she pulled her head off his cock. Thick ropes of spit connected his cock and her mouth and she spat on his big prick repeatedly, using her hand to spread the slimy liquid over his shaft before swooping down on his cock again, plunging it deep into her throat. She reached out blindly and grabbed one of his hands, moving it to the back of her head.

Dylan grinned as he realised what his mom wanted him to do and started using both hands to guide her head as she sucked his cock. Gently at first but then with more force, he pushed her head down, forcing more of his cock into her mouth and throat, moaning as he heard her gag and cough. Again and again he did it, letting her up to breathe and spit on his cock before pulling her back down and doing it all over again.

Eventually Amy straightened up, still jacking on her son’s spit-covered cock.

“Cum for mommy. Cum on mommy’s tits,” she said, echoing the porn star in the movie clip.

Dylan stood up and began stroking his slimy cock, pointing it at her huge tits as she cupped them, offering them up to him.

“Cum on, honey, cum on mommy’s big fucking tits.”

With a gasp, Dylan’s cock lurched in his hand and shot out an enormous stream of jism that splattered against her chest. He moved his cock left and right, spraying his mother’s big jugs with a massive load.

“Fuck yeah, do it honey, cover me, cum on me!” Amy cried, watching as her son kept on cumming. She’d never seen one man produce so much cum in one go; her tits were quickly covered in the thick jism but still Dylan’s cock kept twitching and shooting.

He suddenly moved his shaft upwards and delivered several wads over her face, heavy lines that were as copious as his first shots. She eagerly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out and without missing a beat, Dylan slipped his cock back between her lips, groaning as his last few spurts went straight down her throat.

He slumped back on to the chair, his cock half hard and covered in her spit.

Amy knelt in front of him, smothered in his cum and as he watched, she dipped her head and lifted her tits, slurping at the cream that covered them.

She smiled up at him and licked her lips.

“Did you like that, honey?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said breathlessly.

“Good. You get some sleep now and I’ll see you in the morning.”

She stood up and, with her son’s spunk still on her face and tits, left the room leaving Dylan happy and dazed.

The next day Ellisa avoided Aaron as much as possible, refusing to discuss what had happened the day before or even to admit to herself that she had enjoyed it. Aaron tried to kiss her on more than one occasion and in the afternoon had appeared in the kitchen as she stood doing the dishes. He’d taken hold of her hips and pushed his cock bulge against her firm ass, nuzzling into her neck. It had taken all of Ellisa’s self control to push him away and remind him that he wasn’t to do such things to his mother. Annoyed and frustrated, he’d retreated to his room and, Ellisa suspected, would spend the rest of the day jerking off.

In order to keep herself busy, Ellisa set about tidying the house and decided to sort out the boxes in the loft. She changed into some light clothes – a simple halter top that tied in a knot beneath her enormous tits and a small pair of shorts, reasoning to herself that she didn’t want to dirty anything that couldn’t be thrown away – and climbed up the ladder into the crawl space.

The loft was low and she had to move about on her hands and knees to move things around and with the heat of the day the loft was incredibly hot. In minutes she was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. A full length mirror lay on its side to the left of her and she stopped to view her reflection – she was hot and sweaty, her hair clinging to her face, her clothes sticking to her body. She remembered how she’d stood in front of the mirror in her bedroom, watching herself eat up her son’s cum from her body and felt her vagina tingle and moisten. Trying to concentrate, she turned back to the boxes but found one that she couldn’t move on her own.

It took only a second’s thought; she obviously needed help to move it and that meant she’d need Aaron to join her. She looked at herself in the mirror again and wondered who she was kidding.

“Aaron!” she called down. “I need some help. Can you come up to the loft?”

She heard his bedroom door open a moment later and then his footsteps on the ladder as he climbed up.

“What’s up, mom?” he asked as he climbed before exclaiming “Fuck!” as he poked his head through the loft trap door. Ellisa was on her hands and knees, looking back over her shoulder at him, her tight ass pointed right at his face.

“I need some help with this box,” she said, a coy smile playing about her lips. She clung to that idea, that he would be helping her move something, that it was the only reason she’d called him up here.

Aaron grinned and quickly climbed into the cramped space. To get to the box his mother pointed to he clambered on top of her, straddling her body and Ellisa shook as she felt his huge hard-on pushing between the cheeks of her ass. Despite her shorts and the pair he was wearing, she could feel the heat of his pulsing cock and he thrust it against her. Together, they pushed the box back so that it moved to the end of the loft, but once they’d done that, Aaron remained on top of her.

“You . . . You can get off me now, Aaron,” Ellisa said.

“I don’t think I want to, mom,” he said, pressing his crotch into her ass, grinning wider as he felt her push back.

“You’re too heavy for me, baby,” Ellisa said. “Please move off me,”

Aaron moved to the side, but rolled his mother with him so that they both lay on their sides, Ellisa facing the mirror, Aaron propped up on an elbow behind her, looking at their reflection over her shoulder.

“God you look hot, mom,” Aaron said, staring at her sweaty body in the mirror.

“It’s the heat up here,” Ellisa said.

“No, I mean hot. Horny. So fucking horny.”

She watched as he reached over her and pawed at her big, sweaty tits through her halter for a moment before sliding his hand under the material, cupping her jugs, stroking her nipples.

“Oh Aaron, no, no we can’t, it’s wrong,” Ellisa said, but made no attempt to stop him.

“Just like yesterday was wrong, mom?” he asked. He pushed his cock against her ass, his hard-on pressing into her. “Feel how hard I am, mom? That’s cause I was thinking of you covered in my cum when you called for me.” He quickly untied the knot of her halter top and pulled the flimsy material aside, his hand groping at her huge boobs. “God I love your tits, mom,” he said.

Ellisa watched in the mirror as her son felt her up; she could feel his cock pushing against her and was more than aware of just how wet her vagina had become. Aaron moved his hand down her side and onto her ass, squeezing her pert cheeks before slipping his hand under the waistband.

“Oh Aaron, don’t, please,” she said weakly.

Her son paid no attention but slid his hand down her sweat covered skin, his fingers grazing over her puckered butthole before slipping easily into her sopping twat.

“Uhhnnn, fuck!” Ellisa gasped as he started fucking her with two fingers.

“You’re so fucking wet, mom,” he said. “And you shave as well!” he laughed, feeling her bald vagina lips contract around his fingers as he thrust them as deep inside as he could. He pulled his hand free, smiling as he heard her whimper in disappointment, and pushed at her shorts, tugging at them to get them off.

Ellisa raised herself up, letting him push them out of the way, getting them past her knees before she kicked them aside, resigned to what was about to happen. Aaron raised her leg up and returned his fingers to her hairless vagina, the pair of them watching in the mirror as he eagerly finger fucked his mother.

“Look at that, mom,” he said. “How fucking cool is that?”

Ellisa watched him plunge his fingers deep inside her sopping vagina before withdrawing them. He sucked on them, licking her juices from his fingers then slipped them back inside her, making her moan in pleasure. Ellisa could feel her vagina spasming, her tight fuck hole loving the feel of something inside it after so long. He pulled his hand free again but this time brought them to her lips.

“Taste your vagina, mom,” he said. She didn’t hesitate for a second but clamped her lips around his fingers, tasting her own musky scent, cleaning them off as quickly as she could. “You ready for my cock now, mom?” Aaron asked her.

“Fuck yes!” Ellisa cried, surprising herself despite what had happened. “Fuck me, Aaron, fuck your mother!”

He quickly pushed his own shorts down, kicking them off his legs and took hold of his cock. They watched in the mirror as he slid it underneath her leg, the bulbous head easing between her plump vagina lips, spreading them as he rubbed it over her twat.

“Ohhhh fuck, fuck me!” Ellisa moaned as her son slowly pushed his cock into her vagina, the thick length spreading her wide, filling her up. More and more of his big tool eased inside her tight cunt before he started fucking her, sliding it back and forth. “Oh baby, fuck me!”

“You like me fucking you, mom?” he asked, thrusting still more of his meat inside her.

“Oh fuck yes! Mommy loves it! Uhhhhnnn, fuck yes!” She groped at her own tits, pinching her nipples as she watched her son fuck her. “Oh baby, mommy loves your big cock!” she cried, stunned at what she was saying and feeling. “Oh God, mommy’s gonna cum!”

She moaned as her first orgasm in so long washed over her, her vagina clamping on the big cock that still thrust in and out of it. Aaron picked up his pace, fucking her through her cum, leaning over and kissing her passionately, their tongues slipping around each other. As she came down from her cum, Aaron moved them, rolling her over on to her front, her huge tits squashing out to either side of her. Ellisa spread her legs as wide as she could in the cramped space as he raised himself up on his hands and began fucking her in earnest, cramming his entire length into her cunt on every thrust.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck mommy! Mommy fucking loves it!” she cried, babbling obscenities as she finally relaxed and enjoyed the incestuous fucking. “Such a big fucking cock! Fuck me! Uhhnn, fucking cumming, cumming!”

Ellisa came again as she humped back on to her son’s huge cock, thrusting her vagina back on to his length, her mind awhirl with the realisation that the best fuck she’d ever had was her own son!

“Fuck, gonna cum!” Aaron grunted, plowing his cock deep inside his mother’s twat. He thrust one last time and Ellisa felt his cock lurch inside her as another huge load of spunk shot out of the end. She felt it pouring into her vagina in jet after jet and could hear it squishing around as Aaron started fucking her again as he came. Thick streams of jism ran from between her vagina and his cock as he filled her to overflowing in moments.

There was no way she could give this up, she thought, no matter how wrong it might be.

Dylan spent most of the day wondering if the night before had actually happened or if it had been some kind of fantastic dream. Amy had acted as if nothing weird had taken place; she’d asked him if he enjoyed it and said that she had too, but made no mention of whether anything like it would happen again. Dylan, she wasn’t surprised to find, was too shy to ask her directly. In the afternoon she went out shopping leaving Dylan to kick around the house trying to make sense of things.

When she returned, she found Dylan sat at his PC again, his big cock hard and in his hand as he looked at porn on the monitor. He blushed as she stepped inside but didn’t try to hide either what he was doing or what he was looking at.

“Is mommy’s big boy horny again?” Amy asked with a laugh, gently stroking Dylan’s cock.

“Yeah, I guess,” Dylan said smiling.

“Good, because so am I,” Amy said. “Go wait in the living room, honey, I’ll be down in just a moment. Mommy has something to show you.”

Dylan did as he was told and sat on the living room couch waiting for his mother, dressed only in a pair of shorts. A few minutes later, Amy walked in wearing a silk robe that she held closed over her body. She stood in front of him and swished around, showing how the silk clung to her every curve.

“I bought some nice things for us today,” she said. “I hope you like them.”

The robe slipped to the floor and she smiled as Dylan’s eyes widened. Knowing what he liked based on the porn he had stashed on his computer, Amy had been out buying lingerie. All in black, she wore the tiniest G-string, stockings and a push up bra that struggled to contain her enormous tits.

“God, mom!” Dylan whispered, still not believing his luck.

“Do I take it you like this outfit?” she asked. She giggled as Dylan simply nodded, lost for words. “I think you should lose those shorts, don’t you?”

Her son raised his ass off the couch and instantly threw off his shorts, his huge cock standing proud against his belly.

She stepped forward and placed her knees on the couch, straddling him, his cock sandwiched between them, her huge tits in his face. She was pleased when he reached up without prompting and took hold of her big tits, pulling the lacy cups of her bra down and began sucking on her nipples.

“Mmmm, that’s right, honey, suck mommy’s big titties,” she sighed, cradling his head to her chest. Dylan eagerly sucked on them, gently biting at her nipples, making her moan and gasp. She could feel her vagina moistening in anticipation of fucking her son for the first time.

Amy reached down and found his cock, smearing the pre-cum that dribbled from the flared knob around the head of it.

“Such a big cock for mommy,” she whispered. “Would you like to fuck your mommy, Dylan? Shove this big fucking cock up mommy’s vagina?”

“Oh fuck yes!” Dylan gasped looking up at her. “Can I, mom? Will you let me?”

“Honey you can fuck me any time you like, any way you like. All you have to do is say it.”

“Mom, I . . . I want to fuck you,” Dylan said.

Amy grinned and slowly raised herself up. She pulled her G-string to one side, exposing her hairless vagina lips.

“Then do it, honey, put that big fucker up my vagina,”

Dylan took hold of his cock and moved it back a little, the big head pushing between her sopping vagina lips before it popped into her fuck hole making both of them sigh.

Slowly Amy lowered herself, feeling her twat stretch to take the big invader, her cunt muscles expanding to allow the largest cock she’d ever had inside her.

“Oh honey, oh you’ve got such a big fucking cock,” she murmured, easing herself up and down her son’s huge length.

“Are you . . . Are you alright, mom?” Dylan asked with concern.

“Oh honey,” Amy sighed with a big smile. “I’ve never been fucking better.”

She began moving in earnest, taking more and more of his cock with each downward stroke until she finally felt his pubes touch her vagina lips and he was buried balls deep in her cunt.

“Oh Dylan honey, mommy loves you,” she said, kissing him, pushing her tongue into his mouth. “Mommy loves your big fucking cock. Now fuck me, fuck your mommy,”

Dylan took hold of her taut ass cheeks and started moving her up and down, thrusting his big cock into her wet vagina feeling her muscles clench at his shaft.

“Fuck me, honey . . . Oh yes, yes, like that . . . Fuck me deep!” Amy cried, her vagina sliding up and down her son’s giant cock. “God I love it . . . Love fucking my son’s big cock! Gonna cum . . . Gonna cum . . . Uhhhhnnn fuck yes!”

Dylan kept lifting her up and down on his cock as she came, her mammoth tits jiggling in his face as she moved, gasping and panting as her climax ripped through her.

“Oh you gorgeous fucker!” she cried. “Fuck mommy . . . Fuck mommy hard . . . Fuck mommy’s cunt!”

Dylan did as his horny mother said, shoving his entire length deep inside her with every thrust, guiding her through the last moments of her orgasm.

“Oh honey . . . Stop for a moment . . . Stop,” Amy gasped, slowing the pace of their fucking.

“But mom I . . . I haven’t cum yet,” Dylan said.

“I know honey, I know, but I have something else for you,” she said, kissing him. “I’ve seen the files on your computer, honey. I know you like big tits and cumshots and lingerie and making girls gag on your fat, fucking cock and lots of other things.”

She lifted herself off his prick, both of them sighing as she did so, and then turned to her side. She got on her knees and dropped her head and shoulders on to the couch, her big tits squashed beneath her. Amy reached behind her and spread her ass cheeks with one hand and pulled her G-string out of her ass with the other.

“And I know you like buttfucking too, honey,” she said over her shoulder. “Would you like to fuck mommy in the ass, Dylan?”

“Holy fuck!” Dylan gasped. He quickly knelt up behind her and grabbed his cock, slick with vagina juices and pushed it against the puckered ring of her asshole.

“That’s it, honey,” Amy said. “Push it in gently at first . . . Your cock’s so fucking big you need to go easy . . . Uhhhnnn, fuck yes . . . Go on, do it,” she moaned.

Dylan watched as his big, flared knob pushed her asshole open until it popped inside followed by the first couple of inches of his thick length.

“Oh . . . Uhhhnnn . . . Gently, honey, gently at first . . . Fuck it’s so big!” Amy moaned as Dylan pushed more and more of his cock into her tiny asshole. He began moving it back and forth slowly, letting her get used to the size of it. “Ahhh, that’s it, honey . . . That’s it . . . Give me more, go deeper . . . Oh fuck me! Fuck mommy’s ass! Fuck it!”

Dylan pushed his cock even further into the tight depths of her ass, gripping her hips and pulling her back on to his cock.

“You’re ass is so fucking tight, mom!” he gasped, watching his prick disappear into her ass.

“Fuck it, honey,” Amy said, looking back over her shoulder at him. “Mommy’s ass wants all of it . . . Fuck my ass as hard as you want!”

Her son grinned and with a single thrust, shoved his entire length into her asshole, pulling her back on to it at the same time before dragging it back out almost all the way and jamming it back inside again.

“Oh fuck yes . . . Fuck mommy’s tight ass! Yes! Fuck . . . I love your huge fucking prick up my ass! Oh, honey . . . You’re making me cum again . . . My ass is cumming on your cock!” She closed her eyes as the pleasure of the ass fucking took over and her second orgasm of the torrid fuck session ran through her body, her ass clamping down on her son’s cock. She’d been buttfucked many times before but never so good and never with a prick as big as Dylan’s.

“You like this, mom?” Dylan asked, reaming her ass with his cock.

“Fucking hell yes! Mommy’s ass loves your big, beautiful cock!” she purred, looking back at him.

“I’m gonna cum, mom . . . Gonna cum real soon,” he gasped.

“You wanna cum in mommy’s ass, honey? On my tits? Tell me . . . Uuhhnnnn, fuck! Tell me where you wanna cum.”

“On your face!” Dylan cried, not surprising her at all. “Let me cum on your face, mom.”

He took hold of his prick and pulled it from her tight ass. Amy rolled over on to her back as her son hunched over her, frantically stroking his cock. He groaned as his cock juddered in his hand and the first load of spunk leapt from his knob and landed in a thick, creamy line over Amy’s face. She was pleased to find last night’s load wasn’t a fluke or a one-off as he pumped stream after stream of pearly jism over her features. In seconds, the gorgeous mother was a mess of semen and still Dylan’s cock kept spurting.

Looking up at her son through the thick ropes of cum that covered her face, Amy leaned up and clamped her lips around the big knob of Dylan’s cock, reaching up to his ass and pulling him further into her mouth. He gasped as he watched his mom take as much of his spurting cock as she could, straight from her ass into her mouth.

Amy slurped noisily on her son’s huge cock, swallowing the thick milky jism as fast as she could, her tongue writhing around his meaty pole, loving the taste of her vagina, her ass and his spunk.

As his cum subsided, Amy let her head fall back and his prick fall from her lips. Still half-hard, Dylan used his knob to push his spunk around her face, guiding it towards her mouth where she eagerly licked and sucked at it, eating as much as she could.

“Did you like that, honey?” she asked him, kissing the end of his prick.

“Fuck yeah. That was so hot, mom,” Dylan said happily.

“You like buttfucking your mommy?” she asked with a smile. “You like her going ass to mouth and cumming on her face?” Dylan nodded, grinning like he’d won the lottery. “What else would you like to do?”

“Well . . . ” Dylan said, blushing and falling quiet.

“I think we’re beyond being embarrassed about sex, don’t you, honey?” Amy asked, sucking on the end of his prick and staring up at him. She felt it lurch in her mouth and start to swell.

“Have you . . . Have you ever done it with another girl?” he asked.

“Several times, but not for a few years,” Amy said. “Would you like to see me eat out another girl’s vagina, honey? Watch another girl eat me?” Dylan grinned. “Anyone in particular?” she asked.

Dylan blushed again as he said “I was thinking . . . Maybe Auntie Ellisa?”

Amy smiled. “My own sister?” she said in mock surprise. “Why that’s disgusting.” She reached for his cock which had grown to almost full stiffness again. “What sort of slut would I have to be to fuck my own sister?”

“The sort who fucks her own son?” Dylan asked with a laugh, leaning forward and letting her suck on his cock again.

The next morning Ellisa found herself in a situation that even three days ago she would never have believed. She was laid in her bed totally naked, flat on her back, her huge tits cupped in her hands, thumbs and fingers playing with her nipples. Her legs were splayed wide, knees drawn up, and laying between them, sucking and licking at her vagina, was her own son.

Ellisa and Aaron had sucked and fucked throughout most of the night following the incident in the loft and she had awoken to find him eating her vagina, licking at her clit as he slid two fingers in and out of her wet twat.

“Oh, baby,” she murmured, a smile on her lips. “Mmmm, eat mommy’s vagina.”

Aaron grinned as best he could. After all her protests, his mother was as eager to be fucked by him as he was to fuck her. He couldn’t believe the change in her but he wasn’t about to argue.

“I think . . . I think my vagina’s ready now, baby,” Ellisa said.

“Ready for what, mom?” he asked, looking up at her, though all he could see was her huge tits.

“Ready for my son’s big fucking cock,” Ellisa said with a laugh.

Aaron climbed up the bed, laying on top of her, squashing her tits beneath his chest. They kissed deeply as Ellisa felt the head of his cock nudge against her sopping twat.

“You like the taste of your vagina?” he asked.

“I love it,” she said. “On your lips, on your fingers but especially on your cock.” She reached down and took hold of his hard-on, guiding it into her vagina. “Uhhhnn, fuck that’s so good,”

“You like the taste of other vagina?” Aaron asked.

Ellisa looked at him in surprise but found the idea strangely exciting.

“I’ve never done that . . . oh fuck, I love your prick . . . fuck me, baby,” she gasped.

“Would you like to?” Aaron asked her, sliding his huge cock deep into her cunt, fucking her with long, slow strokes.

“Oh baby . . . I don’t know,” she sighed, trying to concentrate on him fucking her.

“Would you do it for me, mom?” he asked, bending down and sucking on her nipples. “Would you fuck another girl for me? Stick your tongue in her twat while I fucked your vagina? Would you mom?”

“Fuck yes! Yes I would!” Ellisa cried, realising she meant it, suddenly taken away by the idea. “Anything for you, baby, anything . . . as long as you keep . . . uhnnnn . . . fucking me . . . with that big cock of yours!”

Aaron grinned, knowing he had won his mother over. He shoved his entire length deep into her cunt, over and over, fucking her hard and fast.

“Oh baby . . . fuck mommy! Fuck mommy hard! Oh I love it . . . you’re making me fucking cum . . . I’m cumming! Cumming!”

Ellisa’s vagina spasmed uncontrollably, tightening round her son’s cock as she came once more, her body shaking as she climaxed. Aaron kept fucking her all the while, cramming his cock into her vagina and sucking on her huge tits. As she slowly came down from her orgasm, he gently slid his cock out of her vagina, making her look up at him.

“Turn over mom. On your hands and knees,” he said.

Aaron knelt up on the bed, letting her roll over and get on all fours. She looked over her shoulder at him and watched as he took hold of his cock and aimed it at her vagina, sliding it back inside, holding on to her ass cheeks.

“Oh God . . . fuck me . . . love your big cock! Love it!” she moaned as he started to fuck her with long, deep movements.

Aaron watched his cock disappear into her vagina, the plump, juicy lips sliding around his thick length, and then noticed her tight, hairless asshole, slick with her juices and his spit.

“You’ll do anything for me, mom?” he asked.

“Fuck yes . . . anything, baby . . . anything.” Ellisa gasped.

He grinned. “Then reach back here and pull your ass cheeks apart,” he said, sliding his cock free of her vagina.

She looked at him, her eyes wide in shock. “Oh God . . . you want to fuck my ass?” she whispered. Despite her trepidation, she reached back and pulled her cheeks apart with one hand. “Just go slow, baby, please? Just at first? You’ve got such a big cock.”

Ellisa moaned as she felt his huge cock head press against her tiny butthole and tried to relax her muscles. She gritted her teeth as the pain of being fucked in the ass rose for the briefest moment until she felt his knob pop into her ass.

“Oh fuck . . . oh fuck . . . oh fuck!” she said over and over as he inched more of his huge prick inside her asshole. “Fuck . . . fuck that feels so big in my ass!”

“You okay, mom?” he asked her, pausing for a moment.

“Yes, baby,” she said looking at him. “Go on, give me some more.”

He began fucking her gently, letting her asshole get used to the size of his cock, pushing a little more in on each stroke.

“Fuck me . . . fuck mommy’s ass!” Ellisa moaned, pushing back against him. What little pain there had been had quickly vanished, replaced by the pleasure of taking her son’s huge cock up her ass. “It’s okay now, Aaron . . . you can fuck my ass . . . fuck it as hard as you want with your big fucking cock.”

Aaron grinned and grabbed her hips, jamming his whole shaft deep into his mother’s gloriously tight asshole. He changed position slightly, standing up on the bed instead of kneeling, hunching over her and really fucking his cock deep with every thrust.

“Oh fucking hell! Oh fuck my ass! Fuck mommy’s ass!” Ellisa cried, not believing the sensations the hard ass fucking was giving her. She could feel another orgasm building deep inside her as her son buggered her.

“You like that, mom?” Aaron asked her.

“I love it! Love your big fucking cock in my ass! Fucking making me cum you ass fucking motherfucker! Cumming . . . cumming on your buttfucking cock!”

Ellisa could scarcely believe the filth she was saying as she was ravaged by her son, his pile driving thrusts making her cum a second time that morning. She felt her ass clamp down on his huge prick as it swelled within her. A second later and Aaron groaned as he too came.

A huge spurt of jism shot deep into her ass, quickly followed by another and another. She’d found he came a huge amount every time but even this load seemed to be bigger than any other so far. An almost constant stream of spunk poured out of his huge cock and quickly filled up her tight asshole before dribbling out around his cock and running down her vagina.

He suddenly pulled out of her ass, holding his still spurting cock, and quickly stepped around to her front, dropping to his knees in front of her. A thick line of cum lurched from his knob and splattered against her cheek before he pushed his cock into her mouth, Ellisa not having a moment to think. She eagerly took his cock between her lips, though, and moaned in pleasure as yet more jism shot out of his cock, drooling down her throat.

“Fuck yeah,” Aaron said. “Go ass to mouth, mom,”

She purred, surprised to find the dirty act incredibly exciting and tried to cram as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. Once he’d finally stopped cumming, she took his cock out of her mouth and licked the entire length clean, looking up at him all the while.

“You dirty, gorgeous fucker,” Aaron said with a smile.

“I’ll be as dirty as you want me to be, baby,” she said. “You can fuck my mouth, my tits, my vagina, my ass, just as long as I get this big, fat, fucking cock.”

“No problem, mom,” he said. “So, you’d really do anything for me?”

“Pretty much,” she said, sucking gently on his half-hard cock.

“Great,” her son said. “Have you ever thought about fucking your sister, mom?”

Ellisa’s eyes went wide in surprise.

A couple of hours later, Ellisa’s car pulled up outside her sister’s house. She stepped out and walked up to the front door wearing just a T-shirt and a pair of hipster trousers that clung to her tight ass. Following their fuck session that morning, Aaron had said he’d love to see her fuck with her big-titted sister and the more she thought about it, the more the idea excited her. She’d never made it with another woman but couldn’t think of any girl she’d rather lose her lesbian cherry to.

Nervously she rang the door bell and waited for a moment before she saw through the frosted glass someone come down from the upstairs. The door was opened not by Amy but by Ellisa’s nephew, Dylan. She smiled at him and before she could think what she was doing, dropped her gaze to his crotch where she saw the unmistakable outline of a huge hard-on hidden behind the shorts he wore. She looked back quickly only to find him looking at her big tits.

“Hi Dylan,” she said. “Is your mom in?”

“Ummm, no,” Dylan said, stepping out of the way. “She’s gone out but I don’t know how long for. Do you want to come in and wait?”

“Thank you, sweetie,” she said and walked in to the house, heading for the living room.

“Do you want a drink, Auntie Ellisa?” Dylan asked following behind, watching her pert, round ass cheeks move sensuously beneath the tight material of her trousers.

“No thanks, Dylan. I was hoping to see your mom,” she said, sitting down on the couch and patting the seat next to her. “But why don’t you come here and tell me what you’ve been up to recently.”

Dylan grinned as he realised she was sitting on the same couch where he’d buttfucked his mother just the night before but he knew he couldn’t tell her that. He’d spent the night in his mother’s bed, the pair of them fucking each other for hours before they’d finally fallen asleep.

“Oh, you know, Auntie Ellisa, nothing special,” he said with a big grin as he sat on the couch.

Ellisa looked at him. Dylan was usually such a shy boy it was difficult to have a conversation with him but here he was chatting normally, snatching bold glances at her tits and making no attempt to hide the big lump in his crotch. With his mother out of the house, she wondered what he’d been doing upstairs to get such a big hard-on.

“I’m just going to use the bathroom, sweetie. I’ll be back in a moment,” Ellisa said, standing up and heading upstairs. Instead of going into the bathroom, though, she quietly tiptoed into Dylan’s room.

Dylan waited downstairs for a minute or two before realising her hadn’t heard the bathroom door close. Trying to figure out what she was doing, he quietly went up to the landing. The bathroom was empty, he could see that so he crept over to his mom’s room but that, too, was empty. He opened the door to his own room and found his aunt sat in front of his computer, one hand guiding the mouse, the other clutching at her big tits through her T-shirt.

“Find anything you like?” Dylan asked.

Ellisa jumped in shock and blushed as she turned to her nephew. She’d been curious about what he’d been doing and had found open files on his PC. Scrolling through the images, she’d found herself getting turned on by picture after picture of big titted women getting fucked up the ass.

“Dylan, I’m sorry, honey, I just . . . ”

“It’s okay, Auntie Ellisa,” Dylan said stepping over to her and looking at the picture on the screen. It showed a naked blonde girl on her hands and knees, smiling at the camera, her big tits hanging beneath her as a guy thrust his cock up her ass. “You like ass fucking, Auntie Ellisa?” he asked brazenly.

“Dylan . . . I . . . You shouldn’t . . . I mean,” she stammered.

“That’s okay, Auntie. There’s lots of other stuff I like,” Dylan said, reaching for the mouse. He closed the picture and went back to the main directory. Folders were displayed in front of her: Anal, CShots, DP and others but one caught her eye straightaway.

“What . . . What does MOM stand for?” she asked.

Dylan double clicked on the folder and launched the slideshow of the dozen or so pictures in the folder.

Ellisa gasped as she saw her sister’s face appear on screen, smiling up at the camera as she held a huge cock in her hand. The next ones showed her sucking on it, taking as much of the big length as she could in her mouth until, in the last few, she was shown taking a huge facial. Cum had spurted from the big cock and lay in thick lines across her smiling, happy face. Each of the pictures had a date and time stamp which showed they had been taken just a few hours before on that very day.

Ellisa turned to her nephew who stood grinning at her.

“Who . . . Whose cock was that?” she asked quietly.

“Who do you think?” Dylan said. He unbuttoned his shorts and pushed them down, his huge hard-on springing out and pointing at her face. Ellisa gasped when she saw it was every bit as large as Aaron’s, a large blob of pre-cum dribbling from the bulbous knob. “Mom loves fucking my big cock,” he said proudly. “She can’t get enough of it. Would you like to try it?”

He moved forward and the large, clear pearl of pre-cum began to run, stretching down in a thick line. Ellisa couldn’t help herself. After the last couple of days it just seemed natural to stick her tongue out and lean forward, letting the sweet liquid drop on to her tongue. She moved upward, licking the pre-cum up until she opened her mouth wide and clamped her lips around her nephew’s huge prick.

“Yeah, suck my cock, Auntie,” Dylan said, moving his cock deeper into her mouth. He placed his hands on her head and pushed more of his cock inside, hearing her cough in surprise. “That’s it, gag on my fucking cock,” he said. Ellisa was scared for the briefest of moments before he let her move back and take a breath.

“You like making girls gag on your cock?” she asked, spitting a thick wad of saliva out on to his enormous hard-on.

“Yeah, mom loves it,” he said with a laugh. “But, you know, I won’t do it if you do want me to,”

Ellisa smiled at him and swooped down on his cock again, this time making herself gag and cough as the huge head hit the back of her throat. Dylan laughed as he took hold of her head again and shoved more of his cock roughly into her mouth. Ellisa retched and coughed again, moving back to spit on her nephew’s thick length before letting him plunge his cock back into her mouth.

“Let me see those big fucking tits of yours, Auntie Ellisa,” Dylan said, moving back, fisting his slippery cock.

Ellisa grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt and pulled it off, her huge tits hanging round and firm.

“You like these?” she asked, cupping them and pinching her nipples. “You want to fuck them?”

“Oh yeah!” Dylan said, sliding his spit covered cock between her big jugs as she held them around his length. He thrust his cock up and down her cleavage as she gripped her mammoth tits, dipping her head to suck at his knob as it lurched upwards. Ellisa could feel her vagina flood with juices and just knew she had to have his big cock inside her soon.

“You wanna fuck your Auntie, Dylan?” she asked him. “Wanna slide this big fucker up my juicy cunt?”

“Fuck yeah!” he said with a laugh, pulling his cock free of her tits and letting her stand up. He moved her over to the bed then knelt behind her, sliding her hipsters down over her taut ass cheeks and then off, pleased to find she hadn’t worn any underwear. With her trousers off, Ellisa put one leg up on the bed and leaned forward at the waist, pushing her ass back at him.

“Eat my vagina, Dylan,” she said over her shoulder. “Eat Auntie’s hot little vagina.”

Dylan gripped her ass cheeks and spread them apart, thrusting his face into her twat, his tongue eagerly burrowing between the sopping lips of her vagina. He lapped at the puffy lips and twirled his tongue around her clit before shoving it as deep as he could inside her. Ellisa moaned in pleasure at the tongue lashing she was getting then gasped in surprise as he moved up, his broad tongue licking at her tight asshole before poking gently inside.

“Oh baby, that’s so naughty,” she moaned, feeling her asshole being tongue fucked for the very first time. Eventually he stood up behind her and with one hand on her ass, guided the head of his huge cock into her vagina. “Oh Dylan . . . Such a big fucking cock,” she sighed as he moved more and more of his big prick inside her, sliding it back and fore until he had the whole lot shoved inside her.

“Fuck, Auntie Ellisa,” he gasped. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long.” He grabbed her hips and began fucking her harder and deeper.

“Oh fuck yeah! That’s it, baby! Fuck Auntie’s vagina!” Ellisa moaned as her nephew’s huge cock slid deep inside her twat with every thrust, and she could feel her cum building up. “Fuck me . . . Love your big fucking cock . . . Make me cum, baby . . . Make Auntie cum on your big cock!”

Dylan thrust harder and harder, cramming his entire length into her vagina, feeling it clench around him as his Auntie came, moaning as her climax took over. He kept fucking her throughout it, holding on to her hips and pulling her cunt back on to his cock, shoving it as deep as he could. As her orgasm subsided, he slowed his movements before easing his cock from the tight, clinging wetness of her vagina.

“Don’t stop fucking me, baby,” Ellisa said over her shoulder. “Auntie wants your big cock inside her.”

“Just a second, Auntie,” Dylan said. He gently pushed her down so that she was lowered to the bed with one knee on the floor, the other raised up on to the mattress. He knelt behind her, cock in hand. “Spread those ass cheeks, Auntie Ellisa,” he said.

“Oh baby, you wanna fuck my ass?” Ellisa asked, reaching one hand behind her and pulling her cheeks apart, exposing her tiny asshole to her nephew.

“Damn right I do,” Dylan laughed, nudging the head of his massive cock against her asshole.

Ellisa moaned in pleasure as she felt the big, spongy knob of his cock push its way into her tight ass. There was no pain this time as Aaron’s huge dong had already opened her up that morning.

“Oh fuck, Dylan . . . Fuck that’s so big in my ass!” she moaned as her nephew pushed more and more of his hard fuck meat into her ass. “You fuck your mom in the ass?” she gasped.

“Yeah, she fucking loves it,” Dylan said. “I fucked her in the ass three times last night!”

“Oh fuck . . . I love it too! I love your big cock in my ass! Auntie loves ass fucking!” Ellisa moaned as Dylan thrust most of his huge cock into her ass in one move, fucking her hard with long strokes until she felt his pubes brush against her cheeks. “Oh yeah, baby . . . All the way in . . . feels so good in my ass . . . So fucking good!”

“Fuck, Auntie Ellisa . . . Such a tight fucking asshole!”

“My asshole loves your cock . . . Your big assfucking cock . . . owwh, making me cum . . . Fucking asshole’s cumming . . . oowwhh, fuck my ass! Fuck it! Cumming!”

Ellisa’s words trailed off as she came hard, her vagina and ass contracting and spasming as her nephew plowed his enormous fucker deep into her asshole. Dylan felt her ass muscles tightening round his cock and knew he wouldn’t last much longer himself. As Ellisa’s climax passed, he whipped his cock out of her ass and pulled her down to the floor, turning her around, her ravaged ass on the carpet.

He straddled her, knees either side of her hips, jacking on his cock as fast as he could.

“Gonna cum all over you, Auntie,” he said, his big cock pointing straight at her face.

“Do it,” she said, cupping her tits and holding them up for him. “Cum all over me!”

“Oh fuck yeah!” Dylan cried, a huge bolt of jism shooting from his cock and splashing against Ellisa’s face, trailing from her forehead down to her chin in one thick line. She opened her mouth as more and more spunk spurted from the huge cock in front of her, thick, creamy ropes that plastered her face before sliding down and falling on to her huge tits. Her nephew moved his cock down a little and creamed her big jugs, huge wads of cum landing on them and sliding down the sides or into her cleavage. As his cum started to ease off, Ellisa leaned forward and crammed his meat into her mouth, taking the last few spurts into her throat.

“Yeah, taste your ass, Auntie,” Dylan said, watching her eagerly take as much of his cock as she could between her lips, despite it having just been up her ass.

“mmoowwhh, I love the taste of cum and ass,” Ellisa said, looking up at him through the cum spread over her face. She licked and sucked at his prick, slurping up as much of his cum as she could. She sat back and idly scooped up his jism from her face and tits as she talked. “Do you know why I came over today?” she asked.

“I’m guessing it wasn’t to get fucked by your nephew,” Dylan said with a smile.

“No, it wasn’t, though I’m glad I did,” Ellisa said. “I was actually hoping to get fucked by your mother,” she said, smiling at his shocked expression. “And that was your cousin Aaron’s idea.”


“You’re not the only mother fucker in this family, Dylan,” Ellisa said, licking her fingers clean of his cum. “Let me tell you what’s happened these last couple of days.”

At about the time Ellisa was getting her ass fucked, Amy was pulling up outside Ellisa’s house, dressed in a long, loose skirt and a blouse that hugged her big tits. She was supposedly going to be asking her sister how things were going with Aaron after he’d made that pass at her, but she really hoping to get Ellisa over to her house. She thought that if she got her drunk, she’d be easier to seduce. The door was answered by Aaron, though, who told her that his mother wasn’t in at the moment.

“It’s really nice to see you, Auntie Amy,” Aaron said giving her a hug after she’d stepped inside. She felt her huge tits squash against his chest and grinned as his hands dropped to her ass, squeezing them gently.

“Cheeky boy,” she said playfully, stepping away from him. Amy had never told Ellisa of the passes her boy had made at her, nor about the one drunken kiss they’d shared last Christmas. Amy walked into the kitchen and sat on one of the chairs at the breakfast table. “Your mom phoned me a couple of nights ago and said you’d been groping at her as well. You know that’s wrong, don’t you?”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Auntie Amy. We . . . Came to an understanding.” Aaron said as he leaned against one of the worktops opposite her.

“Did you now? And what sort of understanding was that?”

“Well, I’m not sure I should tell you,” he said with a grin. “I mean, you might be offended or think it’s, I don’t know . . . Perverted.”

Amy looked at her nephew. He’d always been confident, used to getting his own way, and she wondered whether he had.

“Are you telling me your mom gave in?” she asked. Aaron grinned wider and he shrugged. “Are you telling me you’ve been fucking your mom?”

“What can I say? She just couldn’t resist my big cock.”

“Why you naughty boy,” Amy said with a smile, looking at the large bulge in the front of his trousers. “Let me see it,” she said.

He moved and stood in front of her.

“Why don’t you take it out, Auntie?”

Throwing caution to the wind, Amy undid his trousers and pulled his zipper down, reaching inside to find his thick tube of fuck meat, hot and half-hard. As she pulled it out, his trousers fell around his ankles and he kicked them free.

“hhoowwhh, that is a big cock,” Amy said, stroking his length, feeling it twitch and grow in her hand. It was easily as big as Dylan’s, she realised, and just as thick. “Does your mom suck this big fucker?”

“She can’t get enough of it,” Aaron said arrogantly.

“Does she do this?” Amy asked, dropping her head and slurping his big cock into her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a few times before plunging down on to the rock hard flesh, cramming it into the back of her throat repeatedly, making herself cough and gag on her nephew’s huge prick time and again until she lifted her head up, gasping for air. Thick strands of spit hung from her open mouth, connecting it to Aaron’s cock.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Aaron said in amazement.

“Want me to do it again?” Amy asked. Aaron nodded. “Then make me, make me choke on your cock.”

Aaron grinned and placed both hands on the back of her head, forcing her on to his prick as he thrust forward, the spongy knob hitting the back of her throat time and again. Amy coughed and retched as he fucked her face, thick, slimy drool running down her chin and over his cock. He let her up to take a breath before doing the same again, shoving almost all of his huge cock down her throat. When he let her up again, she spat a load of saliva on to his prick, smearing it all over the shaft.

“Wanna fuck me, honey?” she asked him.

“God yes!” he said. She stood up and opened her blouse, laughing as he bent down and sucked on her nipples, cradling her tits in both hands.

“You like big titties, don’t you, honey?” she asked. “That’s probably why you wanted to fuck your mother, isn’t it? Because of her big fucking tits?” Aaron didn’t answer, his mouth full of her tits. Amy managed to unbutton her skirt and it slid to the floor, leaving her naked. “Time to fuck your Auntie now, Aaron.”

She turned him around and pushed him back on to the chair she had been sat on, bending at the waist and taking one last slurp at his cock before straddling him, her hands on his shoulders.

“Hold that big boner of yours upright, honey,” she said. “Auntie’s going to slide her vagina all the way down.”

Aaron did as she said and held is cock upright, rubbing it against the slippery lips of her cunt. Amy moaned as she moved down, feeling his huge cock push into her tight vagina. It really was as big as Dylan’s she thought as she inched her way down the thick cock, feeling it stretch her twat wide. It was no wonder Ellisa hadn’t been able to resist it; even if her sister hadn’t been fucking Aaron, there was no way Amy would be able to deny him again.

“You like that, honey?” she asked. “You like Auntie’s vagina?”

“Oh yeah. I’d have fucked you a long time ago if you’d let me,” Aaron said. He took hold of her ass cheeks and started moving her up and down his huge cock, letting her take a little more each time. He bent his head down and sucked on her tits, licking at her enormous jugs. “Fuck, I love your big tits,” he said.

“Mmmm, and I love your big fucking cock,” she said, finally taking his whole length into her vagina. “God that feels so good,” she sighed, letting him lift her up and down. “Yeah . . . Fuck Auntie’s vagina . . . Come on, honey, fuck me harder!” Aaron did as she asked, humping off the chair as he pulled her down, shoving his cock deep in her twat on every stroke, slamming his thick meat into her. “Fuck . . . That’s it, honey . . . Oh that’s good! I like it deep!”

Aaron paused and lifted her off his prick.

“Turn around, Auntie,” he said. She did as he told her, facing away from him and holding on to the edge of the breakfast table. He spread his legs wide and let her step between them, edging herself backwards into his lap. Aaron held his cock up again, guiding it back between her engorged vagina lips, easily sliding between them. He took hold of her hips and pulled her back down on to his cock in one move.

“Oh Aaron, oh fuck yes, that’s good!” Amy moaned as the entirety of her nephew’s prick slid into her vagina. “God you’ve got a big fucking prick . . . Auntie loves your cock, honey . . . Loves it fucking her vagina . . . Don’t stop, honey . . . Don’t fucking stop!”

“No way will I stop!” Aaron laughed. He moved one of his hands over her ass, between her cheeks and pushed gently at her asshole.

“Oh fuck yes!” Amy moaned. “Play with my asshole, honey . . . Stick your fingers up my ass while you fuck my cunt!” She sighed in pleasure as she felt him ease first one, then another finger into her tiny asshole, jamming them deep into her ass. “That’s good, honey . . . Finger fuck my ass . . . Fuck it . . . Oh God! Fuck! I’m cumming!” she cried, feeling her vagina and her ass clench. She shuddered as her climax ripped through her as her nephew fucked both her holes with his cock and her fingers. As her cum slowly eased off, she fell forward, her legs unable to hold her up any longer, Aaron’s cock sliding out of her vagina as she dropped to her hands and knees.

Aaron grinned as he hunched over her, pointing his cock down and rubbing it between her ass cheeks.

“You want a real ass fucking, Auntie?” he asked her.

“Oh yes . . . Yes, honey . . . Fuck my ass! Please, Aaron, fuck me up the ass! I love it up my ass . . . Love a big cock up my ass!” Aaron pushed down, easing his thick length into her butthole, the big flared knob spreading her tight hole wide. “Oh God, fuck! Yes! Fuck my ass, honey . . . fuck Auntie’s tight, horny fucking asshole!”

She felt her nephew grab her ass cheeks, spreading them wide as he pushed his fat cock deep inside her ass. The thick length of hot meat felt as good up her ass as her own son’s cock did and for the first time she thought about fucking them both together. The image was enough to bring her to orgasm again and she felt her ass and vagina spasming wildly as her nephew fucked his cock into her ass.

“Fuck, Aaron . . . I love your prick . . . Your big, ass fucking prick . . . Making me cum again . . . So fucking good . . . making me cum!”

Her nephew grinned, fucking deep into her ass, using all his force to shove his prick as far into his aunt’s behind as it would go on every thrust, his balls slapping against her vagina, watching her shake and moan as she came on his cock once more.

“Fuck, gonna cum!” Aaron groaned. He wondered if his aunt was as dirty as his mom and figured there was only one way to find out. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out of her ass, rolling her over on to her back as he hunched over her chest. His huge, sticky cock lurched in his hand and began spurting out a thick stream of cum that splashed down on to Amy’s huge tits. Another and another thick load of pearly jism poured out of his knob as he moved it up, sending the creamy wads on to her face.

“Yeah, cum on me, honey!” Amy moaned, pushing her tits together for him. “Cum all over Auntie’s face and tits!”

More and more of his heavy load spewed out of his knob, the gooey cum smearing over Amy’s features. He dropped to one knee, his cock still spurting, and used his free hand to lift his aunt’s head up, grinning as she eagerly took his cock as deep into her mouth as she could, the last of his jism pouring into her mouth.

He glanced over to one side and then turned back to Amy.

“Hey, Auntie? What would you do if my mom walked in and caught you sucking my cock after I’d just fucked you up the ass?”

“I’d ask her if she wanted to join in so you could fuck us both,” Amy said with a laugh.

Aaron turned to where his mom stood in the doorway, arms folded beneath her enormous tits, a big smile on her face..

“What do you say, mom? Wanna join in?”

Amy turned and smiled as she saw Ellisa’s face, her smile widening when her own son Dylan stepped up behind Ellisa.

“Fuck, mom, you really like sucking my cock, don’t you?” Aaron asked with a grin.

He sat naked on his mother’s bed, his back against the headboard as Ellisa knelt between his spread legs, jerking his big cock with one hand as she sucked and slurped on the huge knob. Every now and then, he’d push her head down on to his already spit covered length, making her cough and gag, adding thick ropes of saliva, her hand spreading it up and down his cock.

Beside him sat his cousin Dylan who grinned as he watched his own mother doing exactly the same thing to his own prick. He held Amy’s head in both hands, forcing her down on to his jutting cock time and again, letting her up to breathe and spit thick lumps of saliva over his cock.

Ellisa looked up at her son and smiled.

“You still want to watch me and your Auntie get it on?” she asked, her fist sliding up and down his thick shaft.

Amy looked up and grinned at her sister.

“I think both our sons want to watch that.” She crawled over to Ellisa who, despite never having even kissed another woman before, eagerly leaned toward her. They knelt up on the bed in front of their sons, their enormous tits squashing against each other, hands running over each others bodies as they kissed passionately, tongues plunging into each others mouths.

“Mmmm, fuck yes,” Ellisa moaned as Amy easily pushed two fingers deep into her sister’s vagina, slipping them in and out for a moment before she brought them up to her own mouth and sucked them clean. “You like the taste of my vagina?” Ellisa asked her sister.

“Oh yes,” Amy smiled. She placed both hands on Ellisa’s shoulders and gently eased her down. “But now its time for you to eat me.”

Aaron and Dylan watched as Ellisa moved herself underneath Amy’s spread legs, laying on her back as her sister lowered her vagina down on to her waiting mouth. What she lacked in skill, Ellisa made up for in enthusiasm, grabbing Amy’s hips and pulling her twat down. Her tongue slipped up into her sister’s juicy cunt and she moaned, loving the taste of her first vagina.

“Fuck yeah . . . eat my vagina, Ellisa . . . lick your sister’s vagina!” Amy groaned before leaning forward and diving her head between Ellisa’s legs.

Their sons watched for a few minutes before Aaron slid off the bed and edged himself between Ellisa’s legs, his thick, slippery boner in hand. Amy looked up and, without a second thought, sucked on her nephew’s big cock for a moment before he angled it down and nudged it inside his mother’s twat. Dylan took Aaron’s lead and stepped behind his own mother, his Auntie Ellisa sucking on his knob for a second before he eased it inside Amy’s vagina.

“Oh fuck yeah . . . that’s it, honey,” Amy said over her shoulder. “Fuck mommy’s vagina,”

Ellisa watched as her nephew slid his huge hard on deep inside his mother’s twat while her own son pushed his fat cock into her own vagina.

“Fuck me, baby,” she moaned, reaching up and around Amy’s ass. “Fuck mommy, Aaron . . . feels so fucking good,”

“I still can’t believe this,” Dylan said with a laugh, watching his big cock slide in and out of his mother’s cunt as his aunt lay beneath her, getting fucked by her own son.

“Believe it, honey,” Amy sighed. “And you better . . . oowwhh, fuck . . . better believe we’re going to be . . . oowwhh . . . doing a lot more of this,”

“Damn right we are,” Aaron said. He pulled his cock from his mom’s twat and pushed it into Amy’s mouth, grabbing her head and making her gag and cough as he roughly fucked her face. Amy gasped as he pulled his cock free and spat a thick wad of spit on to her fingers. She slid them over Ellisa’s vagina and between her ass cheeks, pushing two fingers into her sister’s ass.

“Fuck yeah . . . oh fuck that’s good,” Ellisa moaned as Amy fingered her asshole and Aaron pushed his thick cock back into her vagina. Ellisa returned the favour, sliding two fingers into Amy’s ass hole, Dylan watching as he fucked her.

“Hey Dylan,” Aaron said, looking over at his cousin. “You wanna DP our moms?”

“Hell yeah!” Dylan laughed. “Who’s first, ladies?” he asked his mom and aunt. Both he and Dylan pulled their cocks free and watched the hot moms kneel up on the bed, looking at their sons.

“I think you boys should choose,” Amy said.

“I can’t decide between you,” Dylan said.

“Easy way out of this,” Aaron said, grabbing a coin from his mom’s dresser and holding it up. A couple of spins later and Aaron laid on his back on the bed, watching his aunt straddle him as he held his big cock upright.

“Oh fuck . . . fuck that’s good,” Amy sighed as she lowered herself down on to his prick, the wide head of his cock slipping into her vagina. She kissed him as she rode him for a moment or two before she felt the bed move behind her. She looked over her shoulder to see Dylan clambering up, his cock at the ready. “You gonna fuck your mommy in the ass again, honey?” she asked him with a grin.

Ellisa leaned over and spread her sister’s ass cheeks, allowing Dylan to aim at his mom’s puckered asshole. Ellisa watched as her nephew’s cock popped inside his mom’s ass and inch after inch slid deeper.

“Oh Jesus fucking Christ . . . fuck that’s so fucking good . . . oh fuck!” Amy panted as her son and nephew both began pushing their cocks inside her at the same time. “Oh fuck . . . fuck my ass, honey . . . fuck mommy’s ass . . . ahhhh yeah . . . fuck my vagina!”

Ellisa moved back a little and watched the threesome fucking on her bed, her own fingers working away at her twat. Amy was sandwiched between Dylan and Aaron, her big tits squashed against Aaron’s chest, their huge cocks thrusting in and out of both her holes at once.

“Oh God . . . so fucking big . . . fuck me! Both of you . . . ahh fuck . . . fuck me hard!” Amy groaned. “Fuck me . . . fuck, I’m cumming . . . cumming!”

Ellisa watched her sister’s body shake as her orgasm ripped through her body, both the boys still plowing away in her ass and cunt. Slowly she came back down, panting and gasping as her son and nephew continued fucking her.

“My turn now, sis,” Ellisa said, pulling Amy off Aaron and Dylan. Amy didn’t resist too much, dazed as she was from her orgasm, and the boys let her move out of the way.

Eagerly, Ellisa crawled into place on top of Aaron, looking down at her son as she reached for his cock and positioned it at her vagina.

“Fuck me, baby,” she said. “Fuck your mommy’s vagina and next time you get my ass.”

Aaron smiled up at his mom and took hold of her huge tits, sucking at her nipples as he moved his hips, hunching his cock into her twat.

Dylan waited until she was settled on his cousin’s cock before moving forward and once again slipping his cock into his aunt’s ass.

“oowwhh . . . oh fuck . . . fuck they’re big!” Ellisa moaned as both her son and nephew started to fuck her. “Fuck me . . . both of you big cocked bastards . . . fuck me harder . . . oowwhh, fuck yeah!”

Amy smiled at the filth her sister was shouting as Aaron and Dylan double fucked her, their huge pricks sliding in and out of her asshole and vagina at the same time.

“Oh God yes! Love it . . . love it in my cunt . . . love it up my ass!” Ellisa cried as both boys slammed their cocks into her. “Fuck . . . cumming . . . cumming . . . keep fucking me . . . oowwhh, damn, fuck!”

Ellisa groaned as she came, the sensation of having two cocks inside her at the same time like nothing else she had ever experienced. Aaron and Dylan kept fucking her as she shook and moaned between them before slowing down a little.

“Are you going to cum soon, boys?” Amy asked.

“Yeah,” gasped Dylan, still moving his cock in his aunt’s ass.

“Good. Ellisa, get over here,” Amy said, pulling her sister off the boys. On shaky legs, Ellisa moved with her sister and knelt at the side of the bed. “Cum on us, boys. Cover us in your cum.”

As quick as they could, Aaron and Dylan stood in front of their moms, both of them stroking their own cocks. Ellisa and Amy moved their heads together, mouths open, tongues sticking out.

“Oh fuck!” Dylan groaned, his cock lurching in his hand and sending out the first of many thick strands of spunk, splashing over his mother’s face. The second went over his aunt’s just as Aaron grunted and came as well, a huge wad of semen landing on his mother’s face, laying in a line from her eye to her chin.

“Yes! Cum on mommy!” Amy cried as both of them came over and over, covering her and Ellisa’s faces in thick puddles of jiz. Again and again their cocks spurted, big globs of spunk landing on the mom’s cheeks or mouths.

As they finally began to trail off, Amy turned to Ellisa and the two sisters kissed hungrily, licking and sucking up as much cum as they could before swapping the thick mixture in a messy kiss.

They broke apart and looked up at their still horny sons.

“Ready for round two?” Ellisa asked them.

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