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Good Girls Get Fucked Harder – “Mmm. You’ve been bad, you need a spanking. ” I sat down in his lap and wiggled; he said it as he unclasped the bra I was wearing. I sucked on his bottom lip and gave him a little bite.

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He cupped one of my breasts and smiled, kissing it. “I’m serious, bend over my knee. ” I gave him a little squirm and undid the first button on his shirt, but he urged me off his lap.

I kissed him and toyed with his earlobe, but he broke away and gave me a little nudge. I stood up, only half naked but feeling completely exposed. “Such a good girl, turn around. ” I did as he said smoothing my skirt down, he ran an appraising hand down from my waist to the curve of my ass as it met my thigh.

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He gave an appreciative “m” and a pinch. “What are you waiting for now? Bend over. ” He gave me little urges as I bent over, but I did it slow anyway.

He reached under and pulled at the closest nipple, already hard. When he’d contented himself playing around, he gave me a few soft smacks over my butt. I wiggled to tell him I felt it; he hauled back and let a heavier one fall.

I winced and let out a little cry. “You liked that eh? ” He started to work up my skirt to my waist. He started off with little tugs and finished pushing it up with both hands.

Two fingers worked in beside my thong, working in. I moaned softly; he reached under with his other hand to play with my nipple again. Before he started spanking again he sucked on his fingers.

“You taste so good baby, and you’re so wet. Slut. ” I blushed. He brought his hand down a few times in quick hard slaps, hitting me just above the thighs.

By the last few I was crying out and gasping. He fingered me again as I calmed down and relaxed a little more. “I can see my handprint on your butt. You liked that, didn’t you? ” My ass stung and my eyes were watering up a little bit.

Without looking I knew he was smiling. “It hurt me more than it hurt you. ” He gave me a few soft slaps and built up in pressure again.

I was crying big ripe tears by the time he stopped and started running his fingers through my hair. I wiped off my eyes, he stroked my back. My breathing slowed down and before I realized it my thong was down to my knees.

“I know you liked that more than you’ll admit. ” His fingers found my clit, I shuddered with pleasure. He continued as I pressed myself against his leg. The pain from the spanking melted as I feverishly accepted his fingers.

I came with tensed muscles, exhaling my encouragement. “You liked that eh? I’ll give you more. Think of it as a preview for what will happen next time you’re a bad girl. ” He stood me up and urged me towards the bed, hands at my hips.

He bent me over again, grinding against my ass; I winced. “Don’t turn around. ” I lay there, face down on the covers, and didn’t move. I heard the soft clink of his belt as he pulled it out of the loops.

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He waited there silently. I shivered as a draft washed over me. I turned my head. He brought the belt down three times in succession. I screamed as the welts instantly raised up.

He dropped the belt down beside me and began to undress. I listened to the rustle of the cloth hitting the floor. I was dazed as he walked to the bedside table and opened the drawer and closed it.

He came back to me, lying down at my side. He had a tube of lubricant; he squeezed a little out onto his index finger by my face. He scooted closer and kissed me as he pressed the finger between my cheeks.
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  • He worked it in, then withdrew and did it again. His intentions were clear, he did it once more, pausing to pull the skirt up to my waist again.
  • “I know you like this baby. Giving it up. You’re such a good girl. ” He positioned me, up on my knees but with my face still touching the covers.
  • He knelt behind me; he’d told me before that this was his favorite part. With him slowly working inside me, I bit my lip. He held my cheeks apart, digging his nails in a little.¬†Good Girls Get Fucked Harder.

I pushed against him, relaxing; he groaned. “Keep doing that baby. ” I was breathing faster; he moaned with pleasure, giving me a minute to adjust. His thrusts started out almost imperceptible and turned deeper.

He kept it slow, but with agonizing pressure. I turned my head and caught sight of it all in the closet mirror. Every muscle flexing as he worked in and out.

He stopped again, breathing heavily. His breath against my back was hot; he brushed my hair away from my shoulders and kissed me there. He thrusted again, then stopped; I moaned with some discomfort.

He did it again, then gave me another kiss. “God, I love you. ” He abandoned the pauses and just varied his pace after that. Deep thrusts that penetrated me completely and then almost withdrawals.

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I lost track of it, and his ocassional kisses that turned to soft bites. I knew he was going to come when he audibly inhaled, collapsing down on me.

His hands slid up from my breasts to my shoulders, forearms still under me. He pulled me down, biting into my shoulder. Our sweat mixed, he shuddered, so deep inside me it hurt.

The tense strength in his arms went limp, his weight settled onto my back. I could barely breathe; I wiggled as he went soft inside of me. I could only gasp out a few words; I had the feeling he was ignoring me on purpose.

“We should get you a few piercings. Nipples, clit, tongue. Would you like that? ” He rolled off me. “I don’t know. ” “We can get it done tomorrow then. ” I was exhausted.

I closed my eyes, but I was too awake to sleep. Adrenaline still hadn’t gotten through its course. He turned onto his side and fondled me, teasing my clit idly.

I went for it, letting him bring me off easily. As I came back down, he kissed my neck and spoke directly into my ear. “I want to do something special. Come on, come with me. ” He got up, taking my hand.

I followed him to the bathroom; my ass still burned. I saw where it was going when he pointed towards the bathroom. He wanted me on my hands and knees, he put the plug in.

He had a satisfied smile on his face when I felt the first of the warm stream on my lower back. He let it settle on my ass for awhile, then directed it to my hair. Good Girls Get Fucked Harder.

My face was red, but I didn’t move. “Let me see your pretty face. ” The urine puddled at my hands. I turned my face to him and closed my eyes.

He finished up there, the last drops falling on my lips. He smiled with satisfaction, looking over his work. “Wash off and come to bed. I’ll be waiting. ”

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